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For 50 Years Multisorb has been the lead innovator in sorbent technology that delivers reliable protection against moisture, oxygen and volatiles/odors.


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The History of Desiccants and Multisorb Filtration Group

Desiccants, in one form or another, have been used by a number of different cultures, starting with their application centuries ago. A variety of materials were used for a range of purposes, including controlling moisture content and drying processes.  Desiccants have been put to work for a variety of medical conditions and procedures, as well […]

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Multiform CSF Canister Sustainability

The Multiform CSF Canister from Multisorb. Enhanced Sustainability and Improved Cost Savings Desiccant canisters can present a set of unique challenges all their own, which can significantly slow down production, and create unnecessary costs during manufacturing. Multisorb CSF Canister technology addresses all of these obstacles, both from a sustainability and a cost point of view. […]

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What Type of Sorbent is Best For Your Package? Find Out Now!

Typical applications for sorbents include protection against degradation from moisture, oxygen, and volatiles in the food, pharmaceutical, dietary supplement industries and more. Because there is such a wide variety of packaging configurations, sorbents are available in a number of formats, the most popular being canisters and packets. To ensure sorbents can be included various package […]

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