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For 50 Years Multisorb has been the lead innovator in sorbent technology that delivers reliable protection against moisture, oxygen and volatiles/odors.


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What Type of Sorbent is Best For Your Package? Find Out Now!

Typical applications for sorbents include protection against degradation from moisture, oxygen, and volatiles in the food, pharmaceutical, dietary supplement industries and more. Because there is such a wide variety of packaging configurations, sorbents are available in a number of formats, the most popular being canisters and packets. To ensure sorbents can be included various package […]

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Considering a Superior Sorbent Solution?

Start Here. Integrating a desiccant into a packaging line should never cause any disruption. Multisorb sorbent dispensers can be incorporated into production lines, with a throughput of up to 300 units per minute. Choosing to utilize both dispensers and sorbents simultaneously assures troubleshooting capabilities for both. In this regard, it is possible to offer the […]

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The Difference Between Sorbent Companies Can Be Crucial to Success.

When it comes to sorbents, quality, safety, and customer support are just as important as price. Of course, quality is of the highest importance, and it is an absolute necessity when it comes to sorbents. Certainly, the sorbent should also be approved by the Food & Drug Administration where applicable, to ensure it meets their […]

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