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For 50 Years Multisorb has been the lead innovator in sorbent technology that delivers reliable protection against moisture, oxygen and volatiles/odors.


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How to Calculate​ the Correct Amount of Desiccant for Pharmaceuticals

If your desiccant does not have enough absorption capacity, your pharmaceutical product will not be adequately protected from moisture. If you include too much desiccant in your package; drug products become brittle and can crack. To ensure pharmaceutical products are in their optimal environment, Multisorb uses simulation technology to calculate the amount of desiccant required […]

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Oxygen Absorbing Film: The Package Itself Absorbs Oxygen

There’s a lot of science behind food packaging. Manufacturers have to control the environment inside the package in order to preserve a food’s color, texture, taste, and smell. To do so, an oxygen scavenger is typically added to the package. These scavengers are usually free-floating components, but a new kind of oxygen absorber is generating […]

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Food Safety and Quality is Important to Thrushwood Farms. That is Why They Work With Multisorb.

Thrushwood Farms partnered with Multisorb to preserve the quality and extend the shelf-life of the Jerky products. Implementing Multisorb packet dispensers into their beef Jerky packaging line has maximized their productivity and increased the number of units they can make. Don’t take it from us, listen to Doug Hankes experience with Multisorb.

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