The World's Leading Desiccants and Oxygen Absorbers

Market leading solutions with unparalleled customer service. Technical expertise that gets drugs to market faster, keeps food fresher longer, and provides simple solutions to complex problems.



desiccant for pharmaceuticals

Preserve the integrity of your products with our best-in-class moisture absorbers and moisture regulators.

Oxygen Absorbers

oxygen absorbent for food and pharma

Protect your product from degradation and extend shelf life with our extensive line of oxygen absorbers.


From Production to Consumption, Active Packaging Keeps Food Safe and Delicious


Active Packaging Ensures Drug Products are Safe and Effective When They Get to People in Need

Predictive Simulation

SimulSorb and SimulOx simulation programs take the guesswork out of sorbent selection.

Quickly identify sorbent requirements to predict pharmaceutical stability

Eliminate costly sorbent ranging studies

Reduce development time

Get to market 6-12 months faster

3000+ Simulations Run

1000+ Products Stabilized

20 Billion+ Units Manufactured


The Most Reliable Equipment in the Industry

Backed by world-class support

Dispensers for Every Need

Multisorb APA Series Dispensers provide unmatched sorbent dispensing solutions designed to ensure your production lines run smoothly and uninterrupted. With world class end to end support you can rest easy knowing your production lines are backed by Multisorb technology. 

Industry-Leading Reliability

Accepts Multiple Formats

Dedicated Support Staff

Customizable to Suit You