We Are Our Own Customer

As a world leader in the manufacture of desiccants, Multisorb Filtration Group is in the forefront of developing and marketing a wide variety of products to reduce or eliminate moisture and oxygen contamination for the consumer market.

A significant activity in this regard is our line of desiccants and oxygen scavengers designed specifically to preserve a range of goods in the food and pharmaceutical industries, which help to preserve their flavor, their appearance and their efficacy.

Products such as FreshPax, FreshMax, FreshPlus, StripPax, and more ensure the integrity and safety of a host of consumables. They are subjected to the most rigorous standards of quality control and performance metrics anywhere in the world, but the proof can also be seen in the confidence our own employees have when they purchase perishable items protected by Multisorb.

Take It From Those Who Know

On a regular basis, Multisorb employees bring home food and pharmaceuticals, enjoying the peace of mind of knowing that they made an informed decision. Here are just a few of the kinds of comments we receive on the shop floor and in our offices:

“I always know I am making the right decision for me and my family when I check to see that the groceries, I bring home feature Multisorb technology, in protecting against decomposition and discoloration due to the influx of unwanted oxygen.”

“I know of no other purpose that is as important and demanding as the protection of pharmaceutical products against contamination. That’s why Multisorb provides me with the reassurance I need when purchasing these kinds of items”

“It is gratifying to know when I am helping to produce Multisorb desiccants and oxygen scavengers that the same high level of attention and excellence I put into my work can be served to my family.”

The benefits of Multisorb protection can be seen everywhere from the grocery store to the pharmacy shelves, and include everyday items such as:

  • Beef jerky
  • Pepperoni, salami, and other prepared meats
  • Fresh meats such as steaks, ground beef, chicken, pork, fish, and the like
  • Packaged cakes and other pastries
  • Ready-made meals
  • Pet treats
  • Pharmaceutical ingestibles
  • Dietary supplements
  • And many more

In fact, virtually any consumable product one can imagine is an ideal candidate for the desiccant and oxygen scavenging offerings of Multisorb. It’s just one aspect of the commitment to excellence that can be found at Multisorb every working day of the year.

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