Volatile & Odor Control

Volatile and odor absorbers that deliver worry-free control.

Our drop-in, fit-in, and built in sorbent solutions are designed to control volatiles that can compromise your product’s appeal, reliability, or performance. All our solutions – including our small and large desiccant packs – have undergone careful formulation and precise testing to deliver reliable adsorption of volatiles that may adversely impact stability, consumer acceptance, or lead to recalls. With our advanced technologies, you are never forced to compromise on your sorbent solutions.


Diminish unpleasant natural odors from healthcare products and protect against volatiles released. Multisorb volatile and odor absorbers reduce the likelihood of needless product returns due to superficial odor issues that raise unnecessary concern about the efficacy of your products.

Food & Beverage

Rancidity can create immediate concern among consumers, causing them to avoid your products or initiate a return immediately after opening. Our volatile and odor absorbers mitigate odors that jeopardize your customer relationships.

Other Industries

Lubricants, adhesives, hydrocarbons, or other components can generate VOC’s which, if not controlled, can have negative effects on your product. Our application engineers evaluate your specific product requirements and help you determine the correct sorbent solution.