Preferred Partnership

Supporting our customers like no one else can


Your customers put their best into their products. They don’t want to stop when it’s time to package them for consumers. Here at Multisorb, we make premium desiccants and absorbers. We’ve earned the trust of the most critical and cutting-edge manufacturers around the world. We’ll earn the trust of your customers, as well.

Why be a Preferred Partner?

Top of the Line

  • Recognized globally as the premium choice
  • Manufactured in the U.S.A.
  • The best total cost of ownership

Absorbed with Innovation

  • Customizable solutions for dozens of industries
  • Unmatched efficiency and efficacy
  • Safe and consistent

The Human Side of Manufacturing

  • End-to-end customer service
  • Fully integrated, continuously improving process
  • Over 50 years of proven expertise

What is the Value of a Preferred Partnership?

Enjoy consistent lead times and dependable delivery

Receive priority support

Get to the head of the line on simulations and product selection

Get flexibility with product delivery, pack out, and makeup

Get more favorable terms, shipping options, and supply consistency

Enjoy Multisorb’s unmatched quality

desiccants for food Pharma and electronics

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NatraSorb® 900

A moisture absorber and a structural part in one, NatraSorb 900 Pressed Sorbents can replace product components.


Advanced Solutions for Moisture Regulation. Balance stability of products with intelligent moisture absorbing packets.


Ideal for applications where space is limited, this ultra-strong, durable moisture absorber provides protection from moisture.

Multiform CSF®

This compact sorbent solution provides twice the absorption capacity of a loose fill format, reducing sorbent size.