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3 Serious Water Damage Problems Autonomous Vehicles Face, and How to Solve Them

The race is on. Engineers are working to develop autonomous vehicles that are safe, efficient, and affordable. To do so, engineers are perfecting LiDAR systems; one of the main components in autonomous vehicles that are responsible for “seeing” the road. LiDAR sensors emit pulses of light that bounce off objects, creating a 3D map of […]

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4 Evolving Trends Making LiDAR Sensors Easier to Design in Driverless Cars

Driverless cars aren’t mainstream, yet. But, new technology and evolving trends could make robotic driving as common as backup cameras are in new cars. The main changes stem from the LiDAR sensors that give driverless cars the ability to “see.” The sensors, which rapidly bounce laser beams off its surroundings to get a clear picture […]

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