Sustainability Advantages


Reduction of Packaged Product Losses

Product spoilage, shrinkage, loss of potency, reduced service life, and damage during transport are all major sustainability issues. Multisorb active packaging technologies help reduce or eliminate these, thereby increasing product sustainability. Waste of enormous land, energy, fresh water, fuel, transportation, machinery, manufacturing and processing capacity resources is prevented through the use of active packaging.

Elimination of Environmentally Unsound Materials

Active polyolefins and polyesters can replace chlorinated and fluorinated plastics such as PVC, PVDC, PCTFE, etc., as well as non-recyclable packaging materials such as metal foil based and metalized plastics used in barrier packaging. Blister packaging materials can be replaced with these thereby improving sustainability. Active polymer based materials can also replace glass containers thereby reducing energy and transportation costs as well as damage during transport.

Multisorb Internal Sustainability Program

Multisorb has committed to sustainability in all aspects of its operations. Recycling and energy control are in place in all phases of production and at all operating sites globally. Transportation and supply chain costs are minimized through careful planning with customers and suppliers. Sustainability plays an important role in new technology development along with continual improvement in our manufacturing processes.

Reduction of Packaging Requirements & Enhanced Recyclability

Utilizing Multisorb’s drop-in, fit-in, and built-in solutions increases the packaging functionality that lends itself to optimization of packaging materials and package structure. This allows for reduced packaging in food products, beverages, pharmaceuticals, electronic components, etc. Reducing and optimizing package size and materials result in a smaller carbon footprint. It also improves recyclability by eliminating non-recyclable multilayer packaging that often comprises EVOH, PVDC, and polyamide layers. This can result in moving from code 7 to recycling codes 1, 2, 4, 5.

Improving Supply Chain Management

Extending shelf life through active packaging solutions often results in improved production efficiency and production planning, efficient manufacturing site management and logistics, more efficient and effective use of retail space, and reduced product losses due to spoilage.

Environmentally Neutral Active Packaging Systems

Multisorb’s active packaging materials are environmentally safe, are not hazardous during use and do not contain contaminants that need to be managed. Through optimized design, Multisorb’s products are chemically inert after use and will not require costly and environmentally unfriendly disposal.