APA Series Dispensers

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Supported Industries: Food and Healthcare

APA-1250 Packet / Pouch Dispenser

MultiSorb APA-1250® is a low- to mid-speed StripPax® and StabilOx® desiccant dispenser that keeps your product line going strong. A continuous run spool with splicing capabilities helps you achieve a steady speed of up to 185cpm, depending on your materials. Smart features like onboard machine diagnostics and multiple recipe storage let you adjust your output without slowing down.

APA-1250 Features

  • Speeds of up to 185cpm
  • Feed direction selection
  • Electrical control drop interface
  • 115V Power
  • Drop chute delivery point
  • Box mounted HMI

APA-2000 Packet / Pouch Dispenser

APA-2000 Features

MultiSorb APA-2000® is a high-speed StripPax® and StabilOx® desiccant dispenser. Smart dispensing technology transmits data, such as lot number, manufacture date, and quantity from the packet spool to dispenser, easily integrating information into your quality system.

  • Dispensing rates up to 300 packets per minute
  • Color touchscreen interface and PLC
  • Standard motorized packet spool unwind cabinet

APA-2800 Packet / Pouch Dispenser

MultiSorb APA-2800® is a direct replacement of our popular APA-800®, a proven StripPax® and StabilOx® desiccant inserter that occupies a minimal amount of space on your production line. With multiple configurations on the standard model, this flexible mid-speed desiccant dispenser is the ideal solution to achieve greater efficiency when space is at a premium.

APA-2800 Features

  • Feed direction selection
  • 1 spool box
  • Spool box mount side selection
  • H-Base mount
  • 115V Power
  • Drop chute delivery point
  • Electrical control drop interface

APA-3500 Packet / Pouch Dispenser

Keep your case-ready meat line running continuously. The APA-3500 dispenser is a component of the MAPLOX® Program, designed to work exclusively with our FreshPax CR Packets. Compatible with virtually all packaging lines, APA-3500’s fully integrated design delivers proven reliability that keeps your production lines moving.

APA-3500 Features

  • Dispensing rates up to 60 packets per minute
  • Two dispensing heads and auto spool feed
  • Touch screen interface panel connected to PLC
  • Motorized packet spool unwind cabinet
  • Inert gas purge allows for extended exposure time
  • Two spool dispenser cabinets can hold up to four spools of strip product