NatraSorb 900

Pressed Sorbents


High compressive strength, high adsorptive moisture control products for industrial and optics applications

A moisture absorber and a structural part in one, NatraSorb 900 Pressed Sorbents can replace product components (metal or plastic part, ballasts, insulators, shock pads, etc.) NatraSorb 900 Pressed Sorbents have a controlled adsorption rate, which restricts the amount of moisture they pick up during handling, allowing them to last longer than a traditional sorbent.

Supported Formats: Custom Shape Size/Shape Machined – Press-formed

Design Versatility

NatraSorb 900 is available to manufacturers or custom fabricators in machinable blanks (2″ diameter x 1″ pucks) or, if production volume warrants, in custom molded, finished parts.

Ideal for Restricted Weights or Spaces

These superior moisture control products feature exceptionally versatile composition which has high moisture adsorptive capabilities that can provide needed moisture protection without adding to the bulk or weight of the product, component or assembly.

How NatraSorb 900 Works

NatraSorb 900 Pressed Sorbents are composed of activated crystalline silico-aluminate with organic binders, which gives the finished desiccant properties similar to those of thermoset plastics. These expert-designed desiccants will readily adsorb moisture but their high density slows the rate of adsorption.

Supported Applications





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