Oxygen Absorbers

FreshPax® Packets

packets for oxygen absorption

Freshpax Packets come in a grease resistant film and are great for food applications. Can be automated or inserted manually.

FreshPlus® Resin

Integrate the oxygen absorber directly into your package with Freshplus resin. Eliminate the free-floating packet.

FreshPax® CR

FreshPax CR provides your customers with fresh and visually appealing beef, pork, lamb, and value-added meat products.

StabilOx® Canister

StabilOx oxygen absorbing canisters eliminate oxygen to achieve better product stability. Up to 5x better performance.


These expert-designed, adhesive backed oxygen absorbers for food offer a flat, flexible format, with an ultra-thin design.


Satisfy your customers and reduce shrink by eliminating need for preservatives while maintaining freshness.