Self-Adhesive Desiccant

Protect your product with the world’s first and only moisture absorbing label

The DesiMax desiccant label is your solution to low level humidity-related problems in a wide variety of packaging applications. An ultra-thin, low profile design requires little space and makes these expert-developed, seemingly invisible moisture absorbers adaptable to any product packaging

Supported Formats: Self-Adhesive Label

Customize Your Shape

In its typical form, DesiMax is a square or rectangular, low-profile label that be made into any shape to meet your manufacturing needs and package limitations.

Eliminate Potential Co-Mingling with Products

Dust-free and supported by a Type III Drug Master File, DesiMax moisture absorber labels can be affixed, attached or incorporated onto packaging material that avoids co-mingling with your product.

Typical Construction of a DesiMax Label

The flat, flexible format of DesiMax makes it one of the most unique desiccants on the market. Thoughtful design features and proven adsorption performance makes DesiMax ideal for use in the packaging of pharmaceuticals, diagnostic test kits, medical products and electronics.

Supported Applications

In-Vitro Diagnostic Kit

Foil Pouch Packaging

Transdermal Delivery Systems

Cap Liners

Static Control Pouches

Products in powder form

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