Injection Molded Polymer Desiccant

Smart, space-saving desiccant packaging that surrounds your product with protection

Fully integrated (built-in) sorbent protection that is invisible to your consumer. Turn ordinary internal product components or device housings into their own desiccant packaging. By incorporating desiccant properties directly into your product’s thermoplastic component or housing, your products adsorb moisture their own hermetically sealed interior space.

Supported Formats: Injection Molded Polymer Component

Long-Term Protection

Provide high and vibration resistance protection to products that are designed for frequent use and eliminate the potential of consumers discarding the sorbent.

Save Space

PolySorb desiccant packaging provides a clean, invisible sorbent solution that delivers a superior level of protection in space-limited applications.

Customized Adsorption Rates

Achieve maximum service life protection for your products by working with our engineers to implement an adsorption rate specific to your requirements. This provides superior exposure time during manufacturing and assembly over conventional desiccants.

Reduce Shrink

PolySorb provides significant reinforcement over neat resin and features superior injection molding properties. The result is improved dimensional stability with reduced shrink.

Supported Applications

Electro-Optical Devices

Automotive Electronics

Lighting Systems

Laser Systems

In-Vitro Diagnostics


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