Desiccant Bags

Counteract AC and refrigeration unit moisture problems with specially engineered desiccant bags

DesiForm Desiccant Bags are specifically designed to solve moisture problems associated with air conditioning (AC) and refrigeration systems. Prevent internal corrosion, improve system reliability and extend system life with these proven, moisture mitigating bags. Constructed of durable, compact polyester felt, DesiForm bags can also filter other impurities from the system’s refrigerant and lubricating oil.

Supported Formats: Felt Bag

Protect Against Leaks

Unlike loose-fill packed-bed desiccants, DesiForm bags won’t accidentally damage system components. Our unique Electrostitch® Sealing Technology holds the desiccant securely inside the bag, virtually eliminating the potential for leaks.

Increase Production Efficiency

Easily install bags on your automated assembly lines. Eliminate the need for hand pouring desiccant material.

Custom Engineered Designs

Our experienced engineers can provide research, development and prototypes. Their innovative custom-designed thermoformed desiccant bag solutions will solve your unique moisture problems.

Supported Applications

Automobile AC Systems

Refrigerated Rail Cars

Refrigeration Systems

Marine AC Systems

Commercial AC Systems

Industrial Cooling Systems

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