You Make the Food,
We Keep it Fresh.

From Production to Consumption,
Active Packaging Keeps Food
Safe and Delicious

Lowest Total Cost of Ownership

We help you consider your Total Cost of Ownership (TCO). The least expensive solution can cost more in the long-run. We help you make sense (and cents) of your expenses, so you can make an informed decision.

For more than 50 years,
we have developed active
packaging solutions that help
keep food fresh and safe,

Backed By Science

Our R&D team collectively invests an average of 125 hours a week to evaluate product characteristics and package integrity. Multisorb proprietary instrumentation identifies the exact water activity to determine oxygen absorption requirements of a food product. We take out the guesswork and engineer solutions that you can depend on.


Packages Examined


Solutions Engineered


Units Manufactured

We work with the top companies in the food industry to:

Extend supply chain and distribution capabilities

Reduce loss from expired product by extending shelf-life

Increase productivity with industry leading dispensers

Keep food looking great and tasting delicious 

Multisorb has significantly increased
our ability to manufacture products,
it was a seamless transition for our operators.
The feeling I got from Multisorb was that
they cared, they were making products for us,
and we thought that was crucial
for our company.

Doug Hankes, Thrushwood Farms

Our Solutions Maintain Natural Ingredients

WHAT CONSUMERS WANT: Foods with clean labels, no unnecessary vitamins, chemicals or preservatives added to artificially prolong

OUR PROMISE: We’re attuned to the consumers preferences
and we collaborate with you to deliver clean label foods that
maintain natural integrity through active packaging.

Eliminate more than 20 types of preservatives

Retain vitamin content naturally

Keep your ingredient label clean

Held To a Higher Standard

Multisorb’s quality is second-to-none. Our customers know that our packaging solutions protect their products and meet all regulatory requirements. Our Regulatory Affairs staff are experts who make sure our solutions conform to all regulatory guidelines.

Industry Certifications

  • ISO 9001:2015 Registered 
  • GFSI FCCS 22000 Certified
  • 21 CFR Parts 210-211 (cGMP) compliant
  • Certified for EU 10/2011 on food contact  

Lean Manufacturing

Did you know?

In the past decade, consumers have significantly altered their ways
of thinking about the food they buy. Today’s consumers are savvy
and educated about the safety and quality of their food. They are most interested in taste, health, and natural qualities. This has resulted in significant changes in buying trends and each new generation adopts these newer perspectives. Consumers don’t want food pumped full of vitamins, chemicals and preservatives. We help you meet these new consumer demands by retaining the taste, the visual appeal, and the quality of foods using natural methods.

The Cost of Food Waste According to the Natural Resources Defense Council, 40% of all food in the U.S., worth an estimated $165 billion, is wasted. The #1 reason for food waste by retailers is due to inappropriate quality control.

CASE STUDY | Deli Meat

THE PROBLEM – A deli meat brand was experiencing bad commercial performance due to short shelf life and food discoloration.

The Solution – This brand partnered with Multisorb to develop
a FreshMax adhesive patch that has extended the shelf life from
10 days to 180 days and keep the food color vibrant and appealing.

The Benefit – Today this brand has extended their distribution timeline, increased consumer appeal and accelerated sales.

CASE STUDY | Snack Bar

THE PROBLEM – A major snack food brand was taking a major hit
on their bottom line because of short product shelf life and molding.

The Solution – This brand worked with Multisorb to implement
a FreshCard sorbent support card to extended the shelf life from
21 days to 150 days defends against mold.

The Benefit – Today, this brand has increased sales and
maximized profitability by reducing loss from expired product.

Active Packaging Prevents the Problem before it happens

Moisture and oxygen are silent killers and can cause harmful degradation to your products, resulting in decreased shelf life.
When you incorporate a sorbent into your packaging you are assured that moisture and oxygen levels remain in the optimum range. A long, stable shelf life helps your product maintain its integrity without waste and without causing consumer concern.

We will help you

  • Extend product shelf-life by reducing loss from expiration
  • Maximize revenue by streamlining manufacturing and reducing downtime
  • Retain the flavor, visual appeal, vitamin content & quality of your food resulting in happy customers and increasing sales
  • Keep your food safe for consumption by defending against mold and growth of other harmful microorganisms
  • Collaborate with food scientists and packaging engineers to diagnose the exact oxygen absorber needed for your product 
  • Reduce and eliminate artificial preservatives and additives
  • Implement the solution into your package in a variety of different ways with various options such as packets, self-adhesive labels, cards, or active film

Our Products

packets for oxygen absorption

FreshPax® Packets

Freshpax Packets come in a grease resistant film and are great for food applications. Can be automated or inserted manually.

FreshPax® CR

FreshPax CR provides your customers with fresh and visually appealing beef, pork, lamb, and value-added meat products.


These expert-designed, adhesive backed oxygen absorbers for food offer a flat, flexible format, with an ultra-thin design.


Satisfy your customers and reduce shrink by eliminating need for preservatives while maintaining freshness.

Our Dispensers