The Benefits of Oxygen-Absorbing Film in Food Packaging

An innovative solution to extend the shelf life of food is now available. Oxygen-absorbing film protects the quality, look, flavor, aroma, and texture of food – and it blends seamlessly into the product’s packaging.

Multisorb has developed an oxygen absorbing resin that is integrated directly into film called FreshPlus. FreshPlus can be let down in sealant film and gets impregnated into the packaging material itself; providing a fully integrated and invisible solution. It takes the place of oxygen-absorbing sachets, labels, or cards that are typically used to control the harmful effects of oxygen, while eliminating a free-floating sachet or an adhesive card from a package is a benefit, there are many others.

The advantages of oxygen-absorbing film

The oxygen-absorbing film is a beneficial and effective choice for manufacturers because it:

Improves customer satisfaction

With oxygen-absorbing film, customers don’t see or handle active packaging. To a customer, the film is simply part of the package. Alternatives like sachets, for example, are visible and free-floating within a product.  

Speed up production

The absorbent film eliminates the need to add sachets or labels during production, which improves efficiency.

Sustainable choice

Eliminating a sachet and building scavenging capabilities into a food pouch can save at least 400 pounds of plastic or more every year for every 1 million pouches.

The applications for oxygen-absorbing film

The type of food and its packaging determines whether or not the film is a viable option. The film can be designed for extrusion and be tailored for injection molding, or it can be extruded as a monolayer or multilayer film.  It can be incorporated into a multilayer sheet which is later thermoformed.

The oxygen-absorbing film is ideal for these kinds of food packages:

  • Pouches
  • Lidstock
  • Bag-in-box
  • Flow wrap
  • Retort
  • HPP

Learn more today If your food product currently uses an alternative oxygen-absorber, reach out to Multisorb to see if FreshPlus can provide a superior solution. To request a quote, simply fill out this form. 

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