Oxygen Absorbing Film Additive

Oxygen Scavenging Resin for Film-Based Applications

FreshPlus Resin is a film additive that removes the need to insert oxygen scavenging sachets or alternate formats like labels or cards into a package. Already widely commercially available and in use at some of the largest food companies in the world, FreshPlus resin is proven, reliable, and efficient.

Available masterbatch Resin Types: LLDPE, PP, EMA, PET

Designed for extrusion, and can be tailored for injection molding

Can be extruded as monolayer or multilayer (coextrusion)

Improve Customer Satisfaction

Film impregnated with FreshPlus resin removes the need to insert oxygen scavenging sachets, cards, or labels into the package, increasing customer satisfaction and reducing deficiencies. FreshPlus resin helps packaging design flexibility.

Speed Up Production

FreshPlus means that you can skip manual or automated insertion, saving you time and money on the production line. 

Improve Quality

By removing the need to insert scavengers, you remove the possibility of failures on the line and failures with your product. Since additive is encapsulated in a resin or film layer, exposure times on production lines are enhanced in comparison to a sachet.


Eliminate a sachet and build scavenging capability directly in the pouch, saving at least 400 lbs of plastic or more for every 1 million pouches.

Supported Applications




Flow Wrap



New Integrated Oxygen Absorbing Technology. Built-in Solutions are Explained by Multisorb Scientist in This Exclusive Video.

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