FreshPax CR

Oxygen Absorbing Packets

Economical oxygen absorber packets that reliably preserve the taste and look of fresh meat

FreshPax CR oxygen absorber packets are part of our MAPLOX™ Program, which provides a low-cost, low-oxygen packaging system that maintains refrigerated meat in pristine condition for up to 21 days when packaged in a low-oxygen environment under ideal conditions*. FreshPax CR provides your customers with fresh and visually appealing beef, pork, lamb, veal, and value-added meat products.

Supported Formats: Packets in Pouches or Spools

Reduce Shrink

FreshPax are expert-designed to extend the saleable life of fresh red meat at retail and realize savings from central location packaging.

Economical Solution

FreshPax do not require activation, creating minimal start-up investment.

Available in a Range of Sizes

Optimum-sized FreshPax CR Packets are available for all of your case-ready meat applications.

Fast Packaging Line Integration

FreshPax CR oxygen absorber packets are easily inserted by hand or spooled FreshPax CR packets can be automatically dispensed to quickly integrate into most production lines.

How FreshPax CR Works

The best way to gain the advantages of case-ready meat is to use low-oxygen modified atmosphere packaging combined with the removal of residual oxygen. After placing overwrapped fresh meat trays into a master bag, vacuum and back-flush systems remove air from the master bag and replace it with a gas mixture containing very low oxygen levels. With a FreshPax CR Oxygen Absorbing Packet inserted into the bag, the bag is hermetically sealed. The FreshPax CR Packet absorbs the remaining oxygen in the master bag and oxygen that permeates from the primary meat package. Once the master bag is opened, there is a natural rebloom to the protein.

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FreshPax® Packets

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