Multiform CSF Canister Sustainability

The Multiform CSF Canister from Multisorb. Enhanced Sustainability and Improved Cost Savings

Desiccant canisters can present a set of unique challenges all their own, which can significantly slow down production, and create unnecessary costs during manufacturing. Multisorb CSF Canister technology addresses all of these obstacles, both from a sustainability and a cost point of view. Because the canisters are a one-piece compressed seamless part, there is no danger of spillage, leaking, or other desiccant contamination.

In addition to that, the contents are densely compressed and formed, so that the canister offers more than twice the absorption properties of comparably sized units. In fact, there is over a 65% reduction in plastic, vis a vis traditional methods. That means, one single 2-gram canister is the size of a conventional 1-gram canister and can be utilized instead of dropping to conventional canisters into a bottle, conserving plastic, desiccant, production retooling time, and helping to preserve the environment.

Working with Suppliers and Customers for Better Sustainability

Multisorb has committed to sustainability in all aspects of its operations. Recycling and energy control are part of all considerations worldwide. Supply chain costs, including transportation, are controlled in close consultation with supply chain partners. Sustainability is an integral component of any new product development and is also applied throughout our ongoing manufacturing regimens.

Product Benefits at a Glance

  • A Patented Solid-form Design
    Multiform CSF canisters employ a patented solid-form design featuring pharmaceutical-grade coating. This innovative design provides substantial cost efficiencies over traditional, large, loose-fill configurations.
  • Seamless Product Protection
    Non-dusting, non-separating desiccant canisters provide assurance that products are never adulterated.
  • Better Performance Characteristics, Designed For All Dispensers
    Multiform CSF canisters have equal or greater performance characteristics than competing canisters. They come in a range of sizes and are designed for all canister dispensers.

Multisorb Filtration Group is a global company with its head offices in Buffalo, New York that provides sorbent solutions the world over.

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