CPhI Worldwide: Optimize Your Sorbents for Success with Multisorb

Multisorb Filtration Group will exhibit at CPhI Worldwide 2019 in Frankfurt, Germany, November 5-7, 2019, and highlight its ability to help pharmaceutical companies maximize their profitability through the optimal use of sorbent technology.   

“By increasing efficiencies, pharmaceutical companies can reduce expenses without sacrificing quality,” said Frederic Laurent, Commercial Director of Multisorb’s Healthcare Packaging Group in the EMEA. “Our collaborative approach and expertise in manufacturing automation allows us to help companies optimize their sorbent usage to increase operational efficiencies and reduce cost while improving quality.”  

Multisorb helps companies select a sorbent solution and implement it into their manufacturing line with integrated sorbent dispensers.  3 Key components of partnership include. 

  • Simulations for Product Stability and Faster Market Access: Simulations use our modeling software to quickly identify the optimal sorbent for desired shelf life. By eliminating costly sorbent ranging studies, our simulations can help get your product to market faster.
  • Sorbent Platforms for all Requirements and Complex Issues: Our technical team can help select the best platform for your packaging presentation to deliver the lowest possible net packaging cost. With a diverse product portfolio, there are many sorbent format options to select from.
  • Dispensing Systems for Cost Effective and Turnkey Operations: By engineering our sorbent itself and with the respective dispensers, our complete system delivers maximum efficiency. The result is an industry leading dispenser output efficiency and the lowest total cost of ownership. 

To discuss how Multisorb can optimize your sorbent usage to help you better achieve desired results for product shelf life while reducing overall costs, visit us at booth #111A111.