Increasing Productivity by Automating Insertion Sorbent Packets on Food Packaging Lines

Including an oxygen-absorbing sorbent in your food packaging helps maintain quality and extend shelf life. Sorbents are found in a variety of foods like pet food, dietary supplements, processed meats, baked goods, pre-cooked meals, whole muscle meat, and ground beef. However, inserting a sorbent into a package can be a challenge.

Active packaging companies can provide the sorbents for various food applications, but most of them don’t get involved in the manufacturing process. Getting the packet into the bag of pet food or tucked nicely in a master bag with case-ready meat oftentimes is left up to the manufacturer – unless you work with Multisorb.

Multisorb provides sorbents AND dispensers

Working with Multisorb, a food manufacturer can get a tailor-made sorbent for their product and a dispenser that integrates seamlessly into their existing packaging line.

case ready meat desiccant absorber

For example, manufacturers dealing with case-ready meat often use our FreshPax CR packets as an oxygen scavenger to preserve the meat’s color and quality. This sorbent:

  • Extends the salable life of whole muscle and ground meat
  • Doesn’t require activation, so there are no unnecessary steps while automating
  • Comes in a variety of sizes to fit any case-ready meat applications

Finding the right sorbent is just part of the equation. Inserting them into a food package is the other part.

With our customers in mind, Multisorb created dispensers with many features and options. The goal of our dispensers is to make the automation process efficient and to increase productivity.

Features of a sorbent dispenser

Our dispensers have a variety of features, but let’s continue with our example above and look at the dispenser that handles FreshPax CR packets. Customers using this product can use the APA-2800 Packet/Pouch Dispenser.

This particular dispenser has:  

  • A dispense rate up of up to 135 packets per minute
  • One or two dispensing heads and auto spool feed
  • Touchscreen interface panel connected to PLC
  • Motorized packet spool unwind cabinet
  • Inert gas purge allows for extended exposure time

Wrap up

Incorporating sorbents into the food packaging process is a multifaceted challenge. Many companies are able to find cheap sorbents but struggle with implementation and automation. At Multisorb, we’ve removed that problem. We work with clients to not only find the best active packaging solution but the best dispensing option as well.

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