Shipping Container/Storage Desiccant

High performance large desiccant packs that protect your cargo and your profits

Stop losing money due to shipping-related moisture damage. Protect your cargo during shipment or while waiting at port. TranSorb Moisture Control Packs absorbs condensation inside containers for up to 45 days. Patented materials are designed to hold moisture, unlike other products that wick, drip or leak when capacity is reached.

Supported Formats: Large Pouch/Bag, 3 Bag Strips

Multiple Formats

Select the moisture absorbers for shipping containers that work best for your operation. TranSorb packs are available in individual packets or three-pack strips for easy installation.

Reduce Your Financial Liability

Ensure that your cargo arrives to its final destination in a saleable condition by protecting your products from moisture, rust and product spoilage.

Why do goods get wet during transport? 

  • Humidity from the weather, packaging or product gets trapped inside the container
  • Temperature changes affect the dew point inside the container
  • Temperature inside the container drops below the dew point, causing water droplets to form

TranSorb large desiccant packs mitigate these challenges and control moisture levels for up to 45 days

Supported Applications


Machine Equipment


Machine Parts

Shipping Containers

Bulk Food in Transport

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