Moisture Absorbing Packets

Durable, moisture absorbing packets with a compact design

These extremely durable, moisture and/or volatile absorbing packets are available in a wide variety of sizes, including low-profile, with your choice of sorbent. Food grade film creates soft, flexible desiccant packets that are safe to place in direct contact with vitamins, protein powders, and other consummables.

Supported Formats: Packets – Spool or Cut

Fast, Accurate Dispensation

EasyPax Packets are uniquely designed in strip form for fast, automated loading by our APA-series of StripPax Packet Dispensers. Our systems approach provides for lean packaging operations and increased reliability that keep your assembly line moving.

For small operations, we also offer EasyPax in a cut format that can be inserted by hand.

Compact Profile

EasyPax packets occupy little space, yet deliver high moisture capacity. Soft, flexible packet design protects tablets and capsules. Film with an abrasion-resistant surface ensures your product will not be contaminated with fibrous material.

Common Uses

Dietary Supplements

Sports Drinks

Protein Powder

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