Multiform CSF Canister

Desiccant Canister

Save space and reduce costs with this superior compressed desiccant canister

With equivalent adsorption rate and capacity as traditional, loose-fill canisters, Multiform CSF desiccant canisters are a more compact and efficient way to control moisture and volatiles. These effective moisture and odor control regulators help preserve the physical and chemical stability of your drug product, medical device, or dietary supplement.

Over 65% reduction in plastic material when compared with traditional canisters

Supported Formats: Desiccant Canister

Save Space and Money with a Compressed Desiccant Canister

Multiform CSF desiccant canisters utilize a unique compressed, solid-form design with pharmaceutical-grade coating. This careful design offers cost savings over traditional, larger loose-fill canisters.

Customize to Meet Your Needs

Choose the right material and size to meet your adsorption rate and capacity needs. Choose from silica gel canisters or custom blended canisters available in three sizes (C-1, C-2, and C-3). Customer-specific sizes and shapes can be designed to meet your company’s requirements.

Protect Your Products

The high quality, virtually indestructible design of these non-dusting, non-separating desiccant canisters ensures that your products are never compromised.

The Multiform CSF Desiccant Canister Advantage

Multiform CSF canisters provide equivalent or better capacity and adsorption rates over competing traditional canisters. Multiform CSF Canisters are available in variety of sizes that run on all canister dispensers.

Supported Applications

Approved for Medical Use

Multiform CSF canisters feature pharmaceutical grade HPMC coating and are manufactured using FDA approved (21 CFR-compliant) materials. We maintain a Type III Drug Master File (DMF) on file.

Common Uses

Pharmaceuticals / Medical Devices / Dietary Supplements

Pharmaceutical desiccant canister for bottles

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