What Type of Sorbent is Best For Your Package? Find Out Now!

Typical applications for sorbents include protection against degradation from moisture, oxygen, and volatiles in the food, pharmaceutical, dietary supplement industries and more. Because there is such a wide variety of packaging configurations, sorbents are available in a number of formats, the most popular being canisters and packets.

To ensure sorbents can be included various package types there are many options, other sorbent formats can include:

  • Self-Adhesive Desiccants: These feature a rectangular or square, the low-profile label that can be securely fastened to a package.
  • Desiccant Paper: Desiccant Paper is an adsorbing material constructed of silica gel. It features millions of adsorbent particles housed in a semi-pliable cellulose fiber pattern. This desiccant paper facilitates rapid drying and remarkable flexibility in package design.
  • Injection Molded Desiccants: This type of desiccant is fully integrated into the thermoplastic package or product, or other components providing invisible protection.
  • Custom-Shaped Desiccants: These desiccants are designed to fit in open space or cavities in a product or its housing using formed or pressed desiccant approaches.
  • Desiccant Vial Caps: Requiring no additional insertions or applications on the product line, desiccant vial caps are sealed right into the cap container itself. These desiccant vial caps safeguard products from moisture damage or odors.
  • Bulk Silica Gel: Bulk silica gel is an amorphous, highly porous substance that has a strong affinity for water, and is easily adsorbed via multilayer, physical adsorption, and capillary condensation.

While there are a number of formats of desiccants available to engineers and purchasing professionals, two are the most popular due to ease of use, manufacturing practicality and the particular requirements of the products under consideration. They are desiccant canisters and desiccant packets and bags.

These are both effective active packaging technologies that provide effective protection for products from the effects of moisture, odor, oxygen and other gases resulting in extended shelf life, preservation of product quality, and preventing product damage.

Desiccant Canisters

Multisorb’s CSF has the highest absorption capacity per size of any canister on the market. Composed of a non-dusting one-piece design represents a breakthrough in canister technology.

Typical canisters are cylindrical plastic housings that contain the sorbent for either assembly line or hand insertion of products. Now the next generation’s desiccant canister has been launched. Drug chemistries are continuously evolving and call for the evolution of desiccant protection strategies to deal with these developments.

For instance, Multiform CSF can compact voluminous amounts of desiccation into confined spaces. In addition to its effectiveness, an added benefit of the new canister is that both 1 gram and 2 gram amounts can be dispensed with the same manufacturing equipment. This obviates the necessity for changeover time during production, enabling customers to achieve maximum output.

Desiccant Packets and Bags

Unlike other manufactures, Multisorb’s packets are typically constructed of Dupont® medical grade coated Tyvek®. This ensures that the packets are strong and durable and aliviates issues with packets bursting during automated dispensing. What’s more, desiccant packets and bags serve more of a purpose than just reducing humidity levels. They also provide innovative solutions that moderate the environment within the packaging itself without the risk of over-drying products.

Providing the ideal sorbent solution for any demanding manufacturing application.

Important criteria in the selection of a sorbent solution company include:

  • High quality products
  • Customer service and support
  • Solutions for automated dispensing
  • Lean business and production practices.
  • On-time delivery

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