Partner with Multisorb To Improve the Productivity of Your Pharmaceutical Packaging Line

Companies who have collaborated with Multisorb have reduced their total cost of ownership, improved production speed, and added production-line flexibility and mobility. Multisorb offers the fastest, most efficient sorbent dispensing solution on the market and is the one stop shop for fully automating desiccant insertion into you package.

Multisorb dispensers are highly optimized to dispense Multisorb packets.  Working with Multisorb not only ensures you have an integrated system, but also unleashes the power of our support and field service.  We onsite through the development and implementation of our sorbent dispensing solution, but we also stand by our products moving forward. Having on company that supports the sorbent and the dispenser eliminates the possibility of being caught in between two between separate vendors if an issue arises.

Multisorb systems allow you to do more, with the same. Multisorb dispensers operate at speeds up to 300 packets per minute and will not cause a bottleneck on your line. Our dispensers occupy a small footprint and can be interfaced with any packaging line including standard bottles, flow-wrap operations, form fill and seal, and more.

Multisorb dispensers have enclosed nitrogen purged cabinets that house the sorbent packets retaining capacity and reducing scrap.  We also offer a splicing station gives operators the ability to change empty spools on the fly and replenish the dispenser with new packets without stopping the production line. Using these optional features can reduce material costs and increase production efficiencies that can save over $300,000 annually. 

Multisorb has a collaborative approach and we are more than just a desiccant supplier.  We take pride in partnering with our customers to not only supply desiccant, but help them streamline their operations, eliminate waste, and increase their output.