Multisorb Technologies Keeps Pharmaceuticals Safe and Eliminates Drug Product Contamination Concerns

Loose-fill desiccant canisters have been the traditional approach for bottle packaging presentations in the pharmaceutical industry for ensuring physical and chemical stability of packaged drug products. However, this approach can lead to products being put at risk of contamination from leaking desiccant materials. Within the industry, particularly the pharmaceutical and dietary supplement segments, desiccant dusting and leakage from traditional, loose-fill canister designs are common quality issues.

Multisorb saw an opportunity to develop a unique, lower-cost solution that would ensure the safety and efficacy of healthcare products while addressing these problems. Multisorb’s Multiform CSF® canisters utilize a unique compressed, solid form design that provides a non-dusting and non-separating solution. The solid canister design provides equal or better capacity and adsorption rates to more traditional canisters. Multiform CSF canisters overcome traditional canister failure modes at a lower cost without sacrificing performance. They are designed to run on conventional canister dispensers without tooling changeovers and converting to Multiform CSF canisters is turn-key.

The canisters are made with FDA compliant, pharmaceutical grade ingredients and supported by a Type III Drug Master File (LOA available upon request). Available with silica gel, activated carbon, or blends, Multisorb offers three standard sizes to meet varying adsorption and capacity demands.

Multisorb CSF canisters offer a complete, low cost solution to traditional loose-fill desiccant canisters. Whether it’s a drug product or dietary supplement, it’s truly a win converting to CSF canisters.  No contamination, higher adsorption capacity, easier operational changeovers, at a lower cost.