Multisorb Uses Food Grade Iron to Ensure Safety in Oxygen Absorbers

The key active ingredient inside an oxygen absorber is iron. It is important to understand differences in the quality of the iron inside the packet especially if it is being used with food, pharmaceuticals, or any other product that is consumed or used on the body.

Iron is mined from the ground and like most unpurified natural elements can contain lead, arsenic, and other containments. To become safe enough to come in contact with food and pharmaceuticals, the iron has to go through purification processes to remove unwanted containments. There are several different methods of processing the iron and this creates variances in the level of quality of this material available in the supply chain.

Multisorb uses iron that is compliant with the Food Chemicals Codex (FCC) to ensure their oxygen-absorbing solutions are safe when they come in contact with various food and pharmaceutical products. The FCC is a reference that is used to verify the identity, quality, and purity of food ingredients that are available in the marketplace.

To prevent iron deficiencies in the human body, certain food manufacturers add iron to their food as a nutrition additive. Ingredients that are used the iron fortification of cereal, bread, and other foods have to be FCC compliant. The iron that is used in all Multisorb oxygen-absorbing solutions is food grade and held to the same FCC standards. This ensures that the absorber is safe to share a primary package with consumable products.

If you are using oxygen absorbers in your package, you should make sure your supplier uses FCC compliant material. Many of the oxygen absorbers being sold today contain low-quality iron that may contain harmful contaminants. Contact Multisorb today to learn how you can preserve the quality of your product safely.