4 Reasons To Stay Away From Cheap Sorbents

Sorbents give food and pharmaceutical brands a way to extend the shelf life of their product.

A sachet tucked inside a bag of beef jerky or a canister inside a bottle of pharmaceuticals, for example, traps oxygen and moisture that can degrade products.

Sorbents are effective. However, not all sorbents are created equal.

There are many active packaging companies. If your company needs a sorbent to protect a product, you might pick a company that offers the cheapest solution. However, cheap solutions can come with quality and safety concerns.

Here are three problems that stem from cheap sorbents:

1.) Unsafe for food and pharmaceutical use

To add a sorbent to food packaging or pharmaceuticals, there are certain safety protocols that must be met. The Food and Drug Administration has strict rules on food-contact additives, and few active packaging manufacturers are up to the task.

A surprisingly low price could indicate lack-luster processes that aren’t up to government standards.

For safety, look for an active packaging company that is ISO certified and has regular audits by major pharmaceutical and food brands.

2.) Untested raw materials

The raw materials inside sorbents vary depending on its intended use. No matter its use, raw materials require testing. Companies offering cheap sorbents often use low-quality materials that can contain lead, arsenic, formaldehyde, and other harmful contaminants. 

Look for an active packaging company that tests all raw materials.

3.) Sorbent leaks contents

The raw materials that give sorbents their absorption power are packaged in a sachet, canister, or card. Cheap sorbents can be manufactured poorly using substandard materials and that can increase the odds of the sachet or canister breaking open.

If a sachet breaks open, and the contents inside spill on the product, it poses a consumer health risk. A problem like this can damage a company’s reputation and can even present legal implications.

A company with safety certifications in design, development, manufacturing, and delivery is a better choice.

4.) Inadequate performance

If you care about the quality of your product, it’s critical that the sorbent works. Cheap sorbents don’t always have the advertised absorption capacity.  

Look for a company that can run simulations on your product and its primary package to ensure the correct sorbent size. Also, ensure your supplier can provide a certificate of analysis and that they have high standards for quality control.

What to look for in an active packaging company

Purchasing the cheapest sorbent isn’t a wise decision. To find a better solution, look for an active packaging company with competitive prices – and has safety in mind. Multisorb has an in-house lab to test raw materials, checks final products, has multiple safety certifications, and is the only company to use food and pharmaceutical grade materials inside sorbents. See why other food manufacturers, like Thrushwood Farms, work with Multisorb.

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