APA Series Dispensers

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APA®3800 Packet / Pouch Dispenser

Supported Industries: Food

Multisorb’s APA®3800 is a FreshPax® Oxygen Scavenger Dispenser designed specifically for the heavy demands of the Case Ready packing industry. With two independently operating heads, this system offers continuous running during product changeover, and can be equipped with a delivery conveyor for versatile integration. Designed and built in the US, the APA®3800 is a dispenser is a robust design with a focus on performance and reliability.

APA®3800 Features


  • Speeds up to 60ppm
  • Dual spool enclosures for synchronized or independent operation
  • Self-initializing product feed
  • Pneumatic cutting mechanism
  • High visibility status lights indicate running conditions


  • PLC controlled for robust and reliable performance
  • Color touchscreen HMI (Human-Machine Interface)
  • Recipe based storage for instant parameter recall
  • Packet length inspection & verification performed on every sachet
  • Onboard diagnostics and performance trending


  • Enclosed system to protect product in-process
  • Redundant drive system to continue production during faults and common spares
  • Stepper-driven anti-slip indexing belt drive for enhanced product control
  • Category III Safety Circuit with interlocked doors and guarding
  • Multi-point sensor array to monitor product throughout processing


  • Designed for integration over existing conveyor/equipment
  • Mobile base with integrated self-leveling stabilizing feet
  • Adjustable height jack stand with digital indicator
  • Rapid product changeover without tools