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APA 2000

Supported Industries: Healthcare

APA-2000 Packet / Pouch Dispenser

APA-2000 Features

MultiSorb APA-2000® is a high-speed StripPax® and StabilOx® desiccant dispenser. Smart dispensing technology transmits data, such as lot number, manufacture date, and quantity from the packet spool to dispenser, easily integrating information into your quality system.

  • Dispensing rates up to 300 packets per minute
  • Color touchscreen interface and PLC
  • Standard motorized packet spool unwind cabinet

Optional Features

  • Splicing station cabinet for StripPax® Packets (shown above)
  • Dry air system (StripPax® packets) or inert gas purge (StabilOx® packets) allow for extended exposure time of sorbent packets; wired and alarmed to PLC