APA Series Dispensers

Keep product lines going with the world’s most efficient dispensers


Primary Supported Industries: Healthcare and Pharmaceuticals

The Multisorb APA®1000 model is the dispenser component of the StripPax® and StabilOx® systems. Our systems approach combines the proven performance of our spooled sorbent packets with the industry recognized reliability of our APA®1000 sorbent packet dispenser. The APA®1000 is custom manufactured and works exclusively with StripPax® and StabilOx® packets.

The APA®1000 is the workhorse for projects under 80 packets per minute, with capabilities to reach up to 135 ppm for certain applications. With a robust core design that has set the standard, this system delivers dependable performance year after year.

The APA®1000 dispenser is easily interfaced with a variety of packaging lines, including bottling, device or tray placement, VFFS, HFFS, flow wrapping machinery, and can be modified to fit custom integrated applications.

APA®1000 Packet / Pouch Dispenser

Multisorb’s APA®1000 is a low-speed StripPax® and StabilOx® packet dispenser that can handle your production process up to 135ppm, depending on project details. Designed and built in the US to meet CE standards for pharmaceutical and nutraceutical use, the APA®1000 can be provided with a variety of interfaces, suitable for bottling lines, medical devices, tray/cavity placement, and many other unique applications.

APA®1000 Features


  • Speeds up to 135ppm with bottle screw interface.
  • Speeds up to 80ppm for gated / controlled placement
  • Self-initializing product feed
  • Pneumatic cutting mechanism


  • PLC controlled for robust and reliable performance
  • Color touchscreen HMI (Human-Machine Interface)
  • Recipe based storage for instant parameter recall
  • Packet length inspection & verification performed on every sachet
  • Onboard diagnostics and performance trending


  • Enclosed system to protect product in-process
  • Stepper-driven anti-slip indexing belt drive for enhanced product control
  • Category III Safety Circuit with interlocked doors and guarding
  • Multi-point sensor array to monitor product throughout processing


  • Designed for integration over existing conveyor/equipment
  • Mobile base with integrated self-leveling stabilizing feet
  • Adjustable height jack stand with digital indicator
  • Toolless rapid product changeover

Optional Features:

  • Dry Air Purge Kit to protect desiccants during extended breaks or line stops. Includes on-board air filter/dryer, flow controls, and dew point monitor wired and alarmed to PLC.
  • Inert Gas Purge Kit to protect oxygen absorbers during extended breaks or line stops. Includes on-board flow controls and oxygen monitor wired and alarmed to PLC.

  • Splicing Station cabinet to allow linking spooled product in-process and eliminate downtime for product changeover.