APA Series Dispensers

Keep product lines going with the world's most efficient dispensers



Supported Industries: Healthcare and Pharmaceuticals

The Multisorb APA® model 1500 is the dispenser component of the StripPax® and StabilOx® systems. Our systems approach combines the proven performance of our spooled sorbent packets with the proven reliability of our APA model 1500 sorbent packet dispenser. The APA model 1500 is custom manufactured and works exclusively with StripPax and StabilOx packets. 

Smart dispensing technology transmits data, such as lot number, manufacture date, and quantity, from the packet spool to the dispenser, easily integrating information into your quality system.

The model 1500 dispenser is easily interfaced with a variety of packaging lines, including bottling, thermoforming, VFFS, HFFS, and flow wrapping machinery.

APA-1250 Packet / Pouch Dispenser

MultiSorb APA-1250® is a low- to mid-speed StripPax® and StabilOx® desiccant dispenser that keeps your product line going strong. A continuous run spool with splicing capabilities helps you achieve a steady speed of up to 185cpm, depending on your materials. Smart features like onboard machine diagnostics and multiple recipe storage let you adjust your output without slowing down.

APA-1250 Features

  • Speeds of up to 185cpm
  • Feed direction selection
  • Electrical control drop interface
  • 115V Power
  • Drop chute delivery point
  • Box mounted HMI

Optional Features:

  • Splicing station cabinet for StripPax® Packets (shown above)
  • Dry air system (StripPax® packets) or inert gas purge (StabilOx® packets) allow for extended exposure time of sorbent packets; wired and alarmed to PLC