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Multiform CSF Canister

The Most Advanced
Desiccant Canister with
Compelling Performance

  • Higher adsorption capacity, one canister can be used instead of two
  • Non-dusting design removes risk of recalls due to desiccant contamination
  • Universal dispensing compatibility eliminates changeovers and increases productivity
  • Better performance at a comparable cost
  • The new generation of desiccant canisters is available now

Keep Products Pristine

Multiform CSF canisters manage the individual factors that cause degradation and can keep products in their optimal package environment. Multiform CSF can maintain a specific equilibrium relative humidity and prevents products from cracking or becoming brittle from over-drying.

Smaller Footprint, More Space for What Matters

One Multiform CSF canister can be used in applications that demand high-absorption capacity instead of stuffing two traditional canisters in a package or bottle. CSF Canisters are engineered to absorb twice as much moisture per volume than similarly sized conventional canisters.

1 gram alternative is35% smallerthan conventional canisters

2 gram alternative45% smallerthan conventional canisters

3 gram alternative is40% smallerthan conventional canisters

No Unnecessary Components, No Unnecessary Problems

Unlike competing canisters with perforated caps and loose desiccant, Multiform CSF canisters utilize a compressed solid-form, 1-piece design. With non-dusting and non-separating CSF technology, risk of product recalls from toxic contamination is eliminated.

More than Just a Canister

CSF technology extends beyond the standard canister and can be formed into various shapes and sizes to fit inconspicuously inside molded cavities in product packaging. In some applications CSF can be integrated into the product itself eliminating a free-floating sorbent.

Universal Dispensing,
Keeps Production Lines Running

Multiform CSF Canisters are designed to be dispensed on any canister dispenser without the need for machine tooling change overs. Freeing up extra time increases manufacturing up-time and results in higher output.

Collaborating to Make the World Safer and Healthier

Multisorb has over 50 years of experience working with top pharmaceutical companies in preserving the efficacy of life changing medicines that improve people’s health. Multiform CSF Canisters keep products safe and ensure it performs as intended when it gets to the end user.

Get Products to Market Faster

Multisorb exclusive simulation technology predicts stability for a specific product or drug formulation. This software identifies sorbent requirements quickly and effectively, eliminating the need for 3-12 months of independent sorbent ranging studies.

Expertise Second to None

Multisorb is dedicated to continual improvement with a best-in-class CGmP LEAN manufacturing facility with on-site Research and Development, Engineering, and regulatory staff ready to provide end-to-end support from sorbent selection to manufacturing automation.


Key Features

Highest adsorption capacity per volume of any canister ever made

Available in silica gel, activated carbon, or respective blends

FDA approved, 21 CFR (code of federal regulations) compliant materials

Pharmaceutical grade HPMC (hydroxypropyl methylcellulose) coated

Similar size and shape as conventional desiccant canisters

Type III DMF (drug master file) on file




Better performance. Eliminate risk of toxic dusting. Multiform CSF canisters are engineered to deliver the exact sorbent requirements for specific drug formulations.

Pre-filled Syringes

Multiform CSF technology is versatile and can be formed into various shapes and sizes snap-fit inside cavities in pre-filled syringe packaging.

Dietary Supplements

Higher absorption capacities retain the quality of nutritional supplements for longer periods of time, extending shelf life and reducing loss from expired product.

Molecular Diagnostics

Multiform CSF can be inconspicuously fit inside of diagnostic devices providing an integrated solution eliminating free-floating sorbents from the packaging environment.

Tech Specs

Tech Specs

Adsorption Capacity

Data Fact

Multiform CSF canisters adsorb more moisture than the respective competing canister and are a fraction of the size.

Part Specifications

Part Number






Sorbent Weight

0.8 Grams

0.8 Grams

1.4 Grams

2 Grams

3 Grams













Pack-out Quantity

10,000 pieces

10,000 pieces

6,000 pieces

4,000 pieces

3,000 pieces

Pack-out Details

2,500/pouch (4 total)

5,000/pouch (2 total)

2,000/pouch (3 total)

2,000/pouch (2 total)

1,500/pouch (2 total)

Tailgate Samples

60 pieces


40 Pieces

40 Pieces

40 Pieces