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Fully Integrated Oxygen Absorption

Preserve the Quality of your Product and Deliver the Delicious Taste Your Customers Desire.

  • Format Options, Discrete Design, Thin Profile
  • Extend the Shelf-life of food naturally without artificial additives and preservatives
  • Eliminate free-floating packets and keep the spotlight on your product
  • Prevent loss of nutritional value, flavor degradation, mold, and rancidity
  • Can easily be implemented into high-speed packaging lines

Protect Your Product Inconspicuously

Multisorb offers oxygen absorbers in a variety of formats. You can get the same oxygen absorbing formula that is used in FreshPax Packets in a "stealth" format with FreshCard, a multi-functional support card or FreshMax, a self-adhesive.

FreshCard Multifunctional Oxygen Absorbing Support Cards

Serves as a functional support card that backs baked goods keeping them in place and in one piece. Moreover, FreshCard actively absorbs residual oxygen in sealed packages; preserving the quality, taste, and visual appeal of the food.

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FreshMax Self-Adhesive Oxygen Absorber

Can be adhered inside packaging behind the product label to keep the internal environment free of oxygen and prevents degradation. FreshMax remains securely fastened to the package while it is opened, and the consumer removes the food product.

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Keep Food Tasting Great, Without Artificial Ingredients

Natural, healthy food is top of mind for consumers today. With FreshMax self-adhesive labels or FreshCard, you can increase shelf-life of your product while keeping the ingredient list on your nutrition label clean and free of unnecessary additives and preservatives.

No Synthetic Antioxidants required

Active oxygen scavenging within the packaging headspace makes it possible to use natural vegetable oils in food formulations and to avoid the use of synthetic antioxidants, such as BHA, BHT and TBHQ, without the fear of rancidity.

Retain Naturally Occurring Vitamins and Antioxidants

Vitamins that would otherwise be lost due to oxidation can be preserved with Multisorb oxygen absorbers. Overloading recipes with vitamins to compensate for loss and degradation over time is unnecessary with FreshMax and FreshCard.

Food Scientists and Packaging Engineers Included

Multisorb has food scientist and packaging engineers on on-premise that provide complete consultation on absorber formulation, packaging material selection, and manufacturing automation.

Collaborating to Make the World Safer and Healthier

Multisorb has over 50 years of experience working with food brands in preserving the quality and extending the shelf-life of a variety of different food applications. FreshMax and FreshCard keep food safe and ensure it arrives to the consumer tasting it's best.


Key Features

Inhibits growth of aerobic

Application can be fully automated

Extends shelf-life

Flat-profile, not invasive to consumer

Can be alternative to preservatives

Maintains color and flavor



Snack / Sport Bars

Can easily be implemented in flow-wrap packaging or other packaging to protect snack or sports bars from mold and other forms of spoilage.

Sliced Deli Meats / Cheese

Can be applied to the non-forming web of pillow packs or applied to lid stock of rigid trays to keep deli meat and cheese tasting and looking great.

Jerky / Cured Meats

Preserves the quality of Jerky and other cured meats seamlessly fitting into the package in a way that is not intrusive to the consumer.

Pet Foods

Keeps mold and micro bacteria under control in pet food for long periods of time to ensure moist pet treats are safe for consumption.

Packaged Baked Goods

Can replace the standard support card inside baked snack packaging and removes all residual oxygen creating the optimal environment for maximum shelf-life.

Chocolate, Candies and Confectionaries

Keeps cocoa butter substitutes like palm kernel and coconut oil used in chocolate from hydrolyzing while also preventing sugar bloom and other discoloration.

Tech Specs

Tech Specs

FreshMax Standard Part Specifications

Part Number




0.875 in

1.125 in


1.125 in

1.375 in


Blue print on blue film

Blue print on blue film

Spool Quantity

7,500 pieces/spool

4,500 pieces/spool

Pack-out Details

6 Spools per case (45,000 pieces total)

5 Spools per case (22,500 pieces total)

FreshCard Standard Part Specifications

FreshCard is available in 2"x2"and 3"x3" sizes.