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Fully Integrated Oxygen Absorption

End to End Support and Implementation of Nutritional Supplement Preservation Systems.

  • Maximize revenue by preserving product integrity and reduce customer returns
  • Prevent powder clumping, capsule brittleness, severe odor, and more
  • Extend product shelf life reducing loss from expiration
  • Work with formulation scientists and packaging engineers to select the right desiccant
  • Produce more product by integrating Multisorb high-speed dispensers into your line

Manage moisture, Manage Financial Risk

Moisture and oxygen are silent killer and can cause harmful degradation to your products. Incorporating a sorbent into your packaging ensures moisture and oxygen levels are kept in the optimum range inside product packaging. Ensuring a long, stable shelf life.

StripPax Sorbent Packets

StripPax desiccants are the most widely used packet in the pharmaceutical industry. StripPax are made with medical-grade Tyvek® giving it soft, flexible characteristics that won’t damage tablets or capsules inside bottles.

Multiform CSF Canisters

Have the highest absorption capacity of any desiccant canister on the market. Multiform CSF canisters have a one-piece solid form design that eliminates failure modes associated with competitive canisters such as cap pop-offs and desiccant dusting.

Stop Problems Before They Happen

Powders can clump, tablets and capsules can crack, and odors can turn off your customers. Multisorb sorbent simulation technology allows scientists to quickly identify the optimal desiccant or sorbent formulation required to meet your product’s needs before it is sent to market.

Select the Perfect Format

Multisorb offers a diverse product portfolio that consists of CSF canisters and packets, both of which can be formulated to meet specific adsorption requirements. Your supplements come in many shapes and sizes, your sorbent should too.

Get Products to Market Faster

Multisorb exclusive simulation technology predicts stability for a specific product or drug formulation. This software identifies sorbent requirements quickly and effectively, eliminating the need for 3-12 months of independent sorbent ranging studies.

Gain Access to Packaging Experts

Multisorb has robust R&D, packaging engineers, scientists, and equipment technicians on staff ready to support you on desiccant selection and implementation. We have over 50 years of experience streamlining and increasing the efficiency of pharmaceutical and supplement operations.

Scale Up Your Business

Need to expand your operations? Planning to automate? Increase your line speed? Or reduce your costs? Multisorb is able to provide dispensing equipment for low and high-speed automation.

Collaborating to Make the World Safer and Healthier

Multisorb mission is to make the world safer, healthier and more productive. We appreciate supplement manufacturers who produce products that increase performance, overall health, and enhance quality of life. As a strategic partner, we take pride in your success.


Key Features

Lowest total cost of ownership

ISO certified manufacturing facility

Dispense at speeds up to 300 packets per minute

Manufactured in the USA.

Continuous support after initial sale

Plug and play dispensing on virtually all packaging lines



Herbs, Vitamins, Minerals

Protect Herbs, vitamins, and minerals from deterioration and degradation caused by moisture. Ensure the delivery of quality products to your end user.

Natural Health

Higher adsorption capacities retain the quality of natural health products for longer periods of time, extending shelf life and reducing loss from expired product.

Workout & Performance

Better performance. Eliminate risk of toxic dusting. Our sorbents are engineered to deliver the exact sorbent requirements for specific drug formulations.

Dietary Supplements

Implementing a desiccant into your packaging ensures that dietary supplements are in pristine condition for the end user.

Foods, Protein & Drink Mixes

Protect foods, proteins, and drink mixes from the harmful effects of moisture and keep your customers happy by ensuring they receive quality products.

Cosmetics and Skin Care

Keep consmetic and skin care products in their optimum state by regulating moisture in their package environments. Multisorb desiccants get the job done.

Tech Specs

Tech Specs

StripPax Packet Specifications

StripPax is available with silica gel, indicating silica gel, molecular sieve, activated carbon. StripPax can contain blends of these reactants and our specialists can assist you on the best part for your application. StripPax is not limited to the examples below, but here are several popular StriPax parts.

Part Number






Sorbent Weight

0.5 Gram

1 Gram

2 Grams

3 Grams

5 Grams













Pack-out Quantity

12,000 Packets

9,000 Packets

5,000 Packets

3,500 Packets

2,000 pieces

Pack-out Details

1 Spool in foil liner

1 Spool in foil liner

1 Spool in foil liner

1 Spool in foil liner

1 Spool in foil liner

Multiform CSF Part Specifications

Part Number






Sorbent Weight

0.8 Grams

0.8 Grams

1.4 Grams

2 Grams

3 Grams













Pack-out Quantity

10,000 pieces

10,000 pieces

6,000 pieces

4,000 pieces

3,000 pieces

Pack-out Details

2,500/pouch (4 total)

5,000/pouch (2 total)

2,000/pouch (3 total)

2,000/pouch (2 total)

1,500/pouch (2 total)

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