Liquid Solidifying Packet

Pre-measured rupturing pouches for fast infectious waste fluid containment

liquid solidifier

The first liquid solidifier for medical waste with self-bursting technology

SaniSorb pouches provide fast and easy infectious waste fluid containment in operating room suction canisters and red bag waste by quickly solidifying biohazardous fluids. Available in four standard sizes, these proven pouches dissolve within minutes on contact with fluid to quickly absorb and immobilize liquids.

Supported Formats: Packets

packets to solidify liquids


SaniSorb pre-measured rupturing pouches eliminate the tearing and spillage associated with conventional solidifiers for medical waste.


Self-activating technology reduces particulates and bacterial exposure, and eliminates harmful dust.

Reduce Exposure

SaniSorb helps to minimize the risk of cross contamination of infectious waste to medical staff.

Supported Applications

Suction Canisters / Red Bag Waste / Kick Buckets / Medical Containers / Drainage Systems

medical waste solidification

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