Multisorb Oxygen Absorber / Scavenger Dispensers for FreshPax® Packets and MAPLOX® Program

Our sorbent dispensers, sometimes referred to as sorbent inserters or desiccant inserters, are primary components of our FreshPax® system and MAPLOX® program.  Our system approach to sorbent dispensing combines our sorbent product with its corresponding dispenser.

We offer several sorbent dispensers that are integrated to be used with our various sorbent / desiccant products.  These include:  APA dispenser models 300, 500, 1000, 3500 as part of the StripPax and StabilOx packet systems. The APA-9000 is the sorbent canister dispenser for the SorbiCap, StabilOx, and Multiform CSF canister systems

Our system approach combines the proven performance of our sorbent / desiccant packets with the reliability of our APA dispenser / inserters.  Our dispensers are engineered to work exclusively with our sorbent product to provide unsurpassed reliability and to minimize or eliminate line down time.

FreshPax System

MAPLOX Program

Multisorb APA Model 300 Oxygen Absorber Dispenser

Multisorb APA Model 300 Sorbent Dispenser

The Multisorb APA 300 is the sorbent dispenser component of the MAPLOX Program and dispenses FreshPax CR oxygen scavenging packets. The APA-300 is a completely manual dispenser with a nitrogen purge system to protect the capacity of the packets.  Other features include:

  • Completely manual - no electricity required
  • Ideal for hand placement into master bags
  • Innovative magnetic system moves FreshPax CR packets through the dispenser

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APA Model 1000 Oxygen Absorber Dispenser

APA Model 800 Oxygen Absorber Dispenser

The APA-800 is designed to work exclusively with our JerkyFresh, FreshPax, and FreshPax CR packets for seamless dispensing. By combining the proven performance of our spooled sorbent packets with the reliability of our APA model 800, our dispensing solution is cost effective and delivers industry leading efficiency.


Features and Benefits of Multisorb APA 1000 Sorbent Dispenser

  • Dispensing rates up to 135 packets per minute
  • User-friendly color touchscreen interface (HMI)
  • Programmable logic controller (PLC)
  • Enclosed packet spool mount
  • Gas purge allows for extended exposure time of sorbent packets
  • Available with direct drop interfaces for flow wrapping, HFFS, and VFFS packaging lines


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APA Model 3500 Sorbent Dispenser

Multisorb APA Model 3500 Sorbent Dispenser

The APA 3500 dispenser is a component of the MAPLOX® program.  The Multisorb systems approach combines the proven performance of our spooled sorbent packets with the reliability of our APA 3500 packet sorbent dispenser.  The APA 3500 is custom made for FreshPax CR packets.

Two separate packet dispensing heads allow for continuous dispensing and automatic switching from side to side when a spool is depleted. Empty spools can be replaced while the machine continues to dispense from the running side.

Smart dispensing technology transmits data, such as lot number, manufacture date, and quantity, from the packet spool to dispenser, easily integrating information into any company’s quality system.

The APA 3500 sorbent dispenser is compatible with a variety of lines including: bottling, thermoform, VFFS, HFFS, and horizontal flow wrapping pouching machinery.

Features and Benefits of APA Model 3500 Sorbent Dispenser

  • Dispensing rates up to 60 packets per minute
  • Two dispensing heads and auto spool feed
  • Touch screen interface panel connected to PLC
  • Motorized packet spool unwind cabinet
  • Inert gas purge allows for extended exposure time
  • Two spool dispenser cabinets can hold up to four spools of strip product
  • Fully integrated system provides proven reliability
  • Compatible with virtually all packaging lines
  • Eliminates downtime

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Multisorb’s Continuous Reliability Program

Multisorb has a formalized approach that focuses on proactive desiccant/ sorbent dispenser maintenance through our Continuous Reliability Program.  This program provides peace of mind for companies by minimizing unexpected repair costs and safeguarding production schedules.