Multisorb Technologies to Showcase the Uhlmann Bottle line IBC 150 with Fully-Integrated MultiPacket System Dispenser at interpack 2017

Buffalo, New York, USA and Laupheim, Germany – 10 April 2017

Multisorb Technologies, Inc. of Buffalo, New York, USA, and Uhlmann Pac-Systeme GmbH & Co. KG of Laupheim, Germany have announced that Uhlmann will be exhibiting their Bottle line IBC 150 featuring a fully-integrated Multisorb MultiPacket™ system dispenser at the interpack 2017 exhibition during May 4-10 at the Düsseldorf Messe in Düsseldorf, Germany.

Unparalleled Output Efficiency for Sorbent Packet Dispensing

For bottle packaging presentations requiring the automated insertion of Multisorb’s StripPax® desiccant, IntelliSorb® moisture regulating, and StabilOx® oxygen absorbing packets, Multisorb pairs these sorbent packets with its APA® series of MultiPacket™ system dispensers which provide the highest efficiency sorbent packet-dispenser system available.

“Working closely with Multisorb, Uhlmann has fully integrated a deconstructed version of its model APA® 2000 dispenser into its Bottle line IBC 150”, states Adrian Possumato, Vice President at Multisorb.

“The fully integrated APA® 2000 and IBC 150 provides Multisorb sorbent packet customers with the end-to-end, efficient approach to drug product bottling operations offered by Uhlmann’s bottle line. In addition to offering the lowest possible total cost of ownership, it also offers a very positive user experience which is representative of the future of bottling operations”, adds Possumato.

Integrated Systems: Innovative Bottling Lines for Oral Solid Dose Drug Products

The IBC 150 and IBC 240 from Uhlmann are two pharmaceutically compliant, integrated lines for the packaging of tablets and capsules in bottles. They are a new generation of bottling machines for very efficient, flexible, and user-friendly packaging.

Measuring just five meters in length and capable of speeds of up to 150 bottles per minute, the IBC 150 guarantees flexible efficiency in the packaging of different oral solid dose drug products in bottles. The integrated and extensively automated monoblock line is controlled by a central touchscreen. On average, it is 20 percent more efficient than solutions made up of separate components.

The IBC 150 features include: 

  • Format-free bottle transport for a continuous product flow – from start to finish
  • GMP-compliant bench-type design
  • Fast format changeover as very few format parts
  • Scalable performance: up to four counting modules and three capping heads for increased output, increased counting capacity, or a combination of both
  • 100-percent counting accuracy – worldwide proven Cremer counting technology
  • Operator and product protection as completely enclosed system

Uhlmann will be demonstrating the fully integrated Multisorb APA® 2000 MultiSystem™ packet dispenser with the IBC 150 bottling interface and splicing station cabinet. The APA® 2000 dispenser’s splicing station cabinet, available with dry air or inert gas purge, allows the dispenser to run continuously. As one packet roll finishes, it is spliced unto the next roll during dispenser operations thereby preventing unnecessary downtime.

interpack 2017 – Düsseldorf, Germany

interpack is the largest and most comprehensive packaging/process industry exhibition globally. Over 2,700 exhibitors from 60 countries involved with packaging and processing equipment, packaging production tools, packaging materials, and packaging services are expected to host over 175,000 visitors from more than 90 countries at interpack 2017.

Visit Uhlmann at Hall 16, Stand B23 to see their IBC 150 and fully integrated Multisorb APA® 2000 MultiPacket system dispenser in action.

Visit Multisorb Technologies at Hall 11, Stand E55 to learn about the Success through Efficiency℠ program and to see the standalone versions of the APA® 2000 MultiPacket™ and APA® 9000 MultiCanister™ system dispensers in action.

Multisorb Technologies
Multisorb Technologies has been an innovator in sorbent technology for over 50 years. Founded in 1961 by John S. Cullen to protect products against the damaging effects of moisture, today Multisorb is the world leader in the development and production of active packaging components.

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