Healthcare Case Studies



AstraZeneca increases efficiency and prevents scrap with Multisorb’s StripPax System.

Christopher Garrod knew he would need a desiccant in his sample bottles of Vimovo, but after speaking with his R&D team, Garrod, a senior engineer on the Packaging Process Execution Team for AstraZeneca, immediately realized it would present a unique challenge. Vimovo,a fixed-dose combination of enteric-coated naproxen and immediate release esomeprazole, is a highly moisture sensitive drug. The atmospheric exposure limits for the desiccant were a lot tighter than any product they had packaged before, presenting Garrod with his first challenge...


Company enhances production and packaging efficiency with Multisorb StripPax System.

Since the launch of its Mucinex brand of expectorants, Adams Respiratory Therapeutics (Chester, NJ) has become a strong company in the OTC respiratory market. Thanks in part to an award-winning advertising campaign that introduced U.S. consumers to the company’s animated Mr. Mucus mascot, Mucinex product sales have skyrocketed. The company—recently acquired by Reckitt Benckiser—needed to expand its manufacturing capacity and output to meet this increased demand...


A custom-developed desiccant protected surgical staples from degradation by managing free moisture and ensuring product stability.

When it comes to wound closure, methods such as sutures and staples help to minimize scar tissue and instances of surgical-site infection (SSI). But along with the benefits of these commonly used techniques are several drawbacks. Although they produce a cosmetically appealing result, traditional sutures, for example, can be time-consuming to place. Metal staples, in contrast, can save time but may leave a more-prominent scar...


A sorbent switch results in reduced downtime and improved overall efficiency.

Proper desiccation is crucial to medications that are prone to moisture-induced degradation. But it is also vital to a company’s overall efficiency and product quality that desiccant use creates only minimal operational downtime.
“Without proper desiccation, pharmaceutical products can stick together, react with ambient moisture inside the package, or experience unwanted microbial activity—all of which result in reduced shelf life,” explains Julie Rink, a packaging engineer at Boehringer Ingelheim Roxane Inc. (BIRI), the manufacturing arm of Boehringer Ingelheim and Roxane...


A new packaging line equipped with a desiccant dispenser designed for the needs of nutraceutical packers improves flexibility and speed at Arizona Nutritional Supplements.

Arizona Nutritional Supplements (ANS), a leading contract manufacturer and packager of custom nutritional and dietary supplements in Chandler, AZ, recently faced growing pains. The company was awarded a license agreement with Dr. Andrew Weil to produce a line of vitamins bearing his name. This new business opportunity, combined with rapid growth in its client base, required ANS to increase its line speeds significantly, while at the same time maintain current good...


Automating desiccant packet unsertion increases speed, reliability, and savings.

Teva Pharmaceuticals (Sellersville, PA), a major generic pharmaceutical manufacturer, has reported lower operating costs following the implementation of a mobile high-speed automated desiccant packet system. The desiccant packet insertion system, manufactured by Active-Pak Automation (APA; Orchard Park, NY), a division of Multisorb Technologies Inc. (Buffalo, NY), provided Teva with significant cost savings and a reliable packaging line solution. APA’s highspeed equipment is engineered for continuous StripPax Sorbent desiccant packet insertion at line speeds of up to 300 bottles...