Research and Development

In some respects, Multisorb can be likened to a chemistry lab dedicated to active packaging. This is where customer relationships often become partnerships as a result of our focus on research and development. It is in these labs where nano-particle science is practiced and applied to the real-world challenges our customers must confront.

Multisorb not only advances the performance of its product line through ongoing test programs, but also creates unique solutions for individual customer needs. Multisorb recognizes that rapidly evolving customer requirements demand ever more effective and sometimes complex absorption in control devices.

Here, a color sensitometer is used to check color consistency of a Humonitor® sample. In another evaluation, a technician exposes a test substrate to ultraviolet light. Significant study of the results of intense light and UV has helped make Multisorb the industry leader in the development of UV curable materials.

A friability test determines the dusting characteristics of carbon tablets. This kind of research and evaluation is critical to any Multisorb product that uses compressed sorbent products.

Technicians run a variety of wet chemistry tests, including titration, which measures product acidity. No product can be introduced to the marketplace without a thorough and rigorous study and approval process.

A deli meat cooler is used to study short- and long-term effects of lighting and temperature on a variety of Multisorb food packaging innovations.

Humidity chambers are fundamental to absorption testing because they are capable of simulating extreme and severe environments.

We often test the integrity of our customers’ packaging. Our seal testing apparatus permits customers to examine their packaging for pin holes, flex cracks and seal characteristics.

Multisorb also has a unique modeling program to help our customers identify their sorbent needs early in the customer’s product development process. In addition to the research that is performed daily, our R&D staff provides technical sales support and customer consultation.